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    Local Manatee News and Updates

    Local Forever

    Local Forever

    It's a busy day in the office while I try to work my contacts to find Jimmy Buffett and the PR department at FIJI water for an upcoming charity event I've been working on.  

    So, today I just wanted to feature a few photos from around the area.


    This one I took at the PS botanical gardens. 


    South point in June. 


    Met some friends while out boating...


    Ahhh, and sunsets on the island never disappoint. 


    Ps - if you have jimmy's cell phone number, send it over to me. I need to chat with him. :) 

    Ringling Museum

    Ringling Museum

    I think one of the true treasures of the suncoast is the Ringling Museum.  While I at the museum in June, I noticed that they are redoing the old pool! I'm excited to see how that turns out.  Looks likes it'll evolve into a reflecting pool. 

    If you get a change to go, especially if you haven't been in a while, please do. The grounds are lovely, they have an amazing rose garden and some of the biggest banyan trees I've ever seen. A few years back they redid all the pathways inside the courtyard, too. 

    As a kid, the big thing was they would have the renaissance fare on the grounds, complete with  human chess behind the musuem.  (I couldn't find a photo of that, does anyone have one?) 

    If you saw my last blog post, you saw that the hubs and I brought all our friends to the area for our wedding, what I didn't post was that we had out wedding at the museum. 

     Like having the beach to yourself, having the musuem just to you and your friends is epic. We had the galleries open so our friends could stroll around and take it all in. Also, fun fact when you rent the C'd da Zan, you get to go up to the game room and roof! 

     The Ringling is a local gem, for sure. 



    Hi Friends,

    I'll start posting the new photos tomorrow. We got a lot of great shots to show the men's shirts on girls, so you can see what it looks like.