Pre-orders open now until October 22nd! Every purchase gives back to local Florida wildlife charities.
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    How does your shirts fit?

    See our link to the size charts for details about each shape. Currently we are featuring three shapes the men's that work well for men or women, women's which is more fitted with shorter sleeve and a more feminine shape and a youth size that fit medium to large kids and smaller adults. We prefer a modern cut that is not baggy or square. Our shirts are more tailored than some, so please check the size chart carefully.

    You don't have a size that fits me, now what?

    Let me know what sizes you feel would best work for you and I’ll work to add sizes to the collection if possible. Future collections will definitely have a more expanded women's sizes, and sizes for kids and babies smaller than size 6.

    I’d like a particular design, but I want it in a different color or a different style

    We do not offer any design changes from the shirts you see in the collection, but please let us know what you’d like to see in the future! I love hearing what you like and you might just get what you want in future collections.

    How should I care for my shirt? Will they shrink?

    We recommend turning them inside out and machine or hand washing on cold. Due to the natural cotton in each shirt, they may shirk a tiny amount -- To minimize the shrinking, machine dry low or hang dry. Do not iron over the ink, please.

    Will the printing on the tees fade?

    Yes, a little. Some of the printing may fade a little after multiple washes, but that’s intended. We use water based inks that are friendly to the environment.

    I want to sell Local Manatee products in my shop. Do you sell wholesale?

    We sell directly to our customers through our website, but we are happy to talk to you about possible carrying our shirts and products in the future.  If you would like more information, please contact us with information about you and your shop.


    Can I hire you to do custom designs for me?

    While I am very busy making stuff for the Local Manatee and my day job as CGI ninja/producer, I am happy to speak to you about making shirts and designs for causes I believe in.

    Who are these amazing models?

    Friends and family of The Local Manatee! Photos feature my lovely children, their adorable cousin, my husband and our dear friends Ann, John and Kat. If you want to be a featured model in future collections post a photo of yourself in your new Local Manatee shirt in November and #ImALocalManatee and we will consider that your application. We can’t wait to see your photos!!

    Who makes your designs?

    I make all the designs myself. I love working collaboratively with my peers and teams in the movie making world, but for this I wanted to sit down and make exactly what I wanted. And that’s what I did.  

    Still have other questions?

    For additional information about The Local Manatee, email me. Remember it’s just me on the other side of this communication, so please be patient and give me 24 hours to reply.