Pre-orders open now until October 22nd! Every purchase gives back to local Florida wildlife charities.
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    I am passionate about wildlife and I love manatees! If you're here, you probably do, too. I knew I could use my skills and create great products that you will love and we together can do more together than I could ever do alone.

    I was shocked to find out there is only a mere 6,131 accounted for wild manatees! So, with that low number in mind, my goal is to sell just one shirt for each manatee. From that 6,131 manatees we can donate over $30,000! It's simple, for every shirt you buy, I will give $5 to wildlife charities like Mote Marine, Save the Manatees, and more.

    This website also has a blog and I'll be sure to update it with how we are doing on our donation goals. I'm excited to see how much we can donate together!