Pre-orders open now until October 22nd! Every purchase gives back to local Florida wildlife charities.
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    What is The Local Manatee?

    The Local Manatee is a little company dedicated to big things and big happy manatees. I want to do all I can for the environment and wild animals, specifically those animals in my hometown of Manatee County, and more so the Manatees themselves. I love being from Manatee County and I want to do everything I can to help educate others about what makes this area special and to help protect our wildlife.

    It is my promise to you that everything you ever buy for The Local Manatee will give back to wildlife charities. The 2018 Founders Collection will be donating proceeds to Save The Manatees. Our goal is to donate no less than $30,000 this year alone. I am so proud and humble to be able to share these shirts and my vision with you.


    Why Manatees?

    It's always been my dream to spend my time and use my skills to make beautiful things that make the world better. To me, there’s no place better to start than home with the manatees. With the reduced protections that sadly happened this year for the manatees as well as the toll the epic red tide, and other tolls taken on our environment and their natural habitat, it’s been a disastrous year for our friendly marine mammals.

    There’s no denying the inherent charm of the Wild Manatee; swimming in the warm waters and snacking on ‘salad’ are worthy life goals. For me, it’s more important than ever to educate and keeping our sea cows safe, happy and free.  


    About me, and why t-shirts?

    My first job was at The Island Bazaar  in Holmes Beach selling t-shirts. Later I sold t-shirts at Fast Eddies in Anna Maria. A classic tee just feels like home to me. My family and I wear t-shirts everyday. I wear them at home, to work, everywhere. It’s who we are now as much as it was me back in the day. I love being able to design and offer shirts to you that represent my home and our manatees. 

    This is my passion. I love making stuff. I have a lifetime of experience in making a shocking range of products. For The Local Manatee I’ve done many hours of research and made literally hundreds of designs then edited the designs down to the very best twelve in our Founder’s Collection. I sourced materials from fabrics to shapes to color options, I then designed color combinations. I research and found vendors to work with for printing and tags. All this to say I take zero shortcuts to bring you the best shirt I can make.


    Do you have retail stores? Can I go to a store and see your stuff?

    We don't have a shop yet, nor do we sell through any retail outlet. Maybe someday we will, but for now I am focused on making cool shirts now and other stuff down the road, using the revenue from these sales to better the Manatee world.